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Fenwa Milhouse, MD

Philosophy of Care

Medicine is a partnership. In counseling and caring for patients, I want them to feel valued as an individual and confident in the treatment plan.

  • General


    • Urology
    • Robotic Surgery Program


    • Urology

    Accepts adults


    • English

    Female urology, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, neurogenic bladder, kidney stones, BPH

    Spending time with my family, exercising with my husband, watching football

  • Education

    School University of Texas at Houston
    Graduation Date 05/2008
    Degree MD
    Honors Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society

    School University of Chicago

    School University of Chicago
    Title Urology Resident

    School Metro Urology
    Specialty Urology

  • Procedures

  • Memberships

    • American Urological Association
    • Society for Urodynamics
    • Female Pelvic Medicine, and Urogenital Reconstruction
    • National Medical Association
  • Awards and Accolades

    Name IVUMed International Travel award
    Date 01/2000

    Name AUA North Central Section - John D. Silbar Outstanding Urology Resident Award Nominee
    Date 01/2000

    Name Rodney Appell Preceptorship Award
    Date 01/2000

  • Research & Clinical Trials


    • Real World Retention Rates after Intravesical OnabotulinumtoxinA for Idiopathic Overactive Bladder

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