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Patrick Strotman, MD

Philosophy of Care

My work centers around the treatment of diseases and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. I specifically treat those with end stage joint disease of the hip and knee who are interested in joint replacement, as well as those who were previously reconstructed and may require complex revision. I emphasize individualized care and personalized education to patients and their families. The conversation is centered on respect for each person's disease or injury and goals of care. Patients who are empowered with knowledge often do better and heal faster. I strive to ensure that patients have a clear understanding of the conditions at hand and the optimal treatment strategy that will allow them to safely regain independence and maximize their activity.

  • General


    • General Orthopaedics
    • Joint Replacement

    Accepts adults


    • English

    Aseptic necrosis of the hip, Degenerative joint disease, Fracture, Hip dislocation, Hip fracture, Hip replacement, Inflammatory arthritis, Joint injection, Joint replacement, Knee replacement, Osteoarthritis, Post-traumatic arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

    Quality time with family and loved ones, sports, travel, trying new cuisine.

  • Education

    School Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
    Graduation Date 06/2013
    Degree MD
    Honors Cum Laude, Research Honors

    School Loyola University Medical Center
    Title Chief Resident, AAOS Resident Assembly Delegate

    School University of Virginia Medical Center
    Specialty Adult Reconstruction - Hip and Knee

  • Memberships

    • AAOS
    • AAHKS
  • Awards and Accolades

    Name Excellence in Research - Loyola University Medical Center
    Date 06/2018

    Name Cum Laude, Brown University

  • Research & Clinical Trials


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