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Pediatric Hearing Loss

Hearing in children is closely related to speech and language development. Children, like adults, absorb information through listening, but also develop speech and language by imitating what they hear.

Hearing loss in children may be temporary, which is often a result of middle ear fluid and/or ear infection. But in some cases, it also may be permanent. It is important to obtain as much information as possible about the hearing loss in either case, determine what can be done, and intervene as soon as possible when necessary. Children are able to undergo different hearing assessments based on their age and ability. All are painless and your audiologist will be able to determine the best choice.

If a child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, decisions must be made as early as possible to allow the child the opportunity to develop and cultivate communication skills. Your audiologist will guide your family through the evaluation process and provide the necessary support and information that is appropriate for your child's individual situation.

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