Behavioral & Mental Health (IPD), Health Psychology, Psychiatry

Practices In: Joliet, Orland Park
Patients Seen: All Ages

I want to get to know you the patient and how your life is going and how you are func­tion­ing now and how you were func­tion­ing. I want to know what your goals are. Then I want to work with you holis­ti­cal­ly so that we can find the best solu­tions so that you can feel the best that you can men­tal­ly, phys­i­cal­ly, spir­i­tu­al­ly. I will help you find the right med­ica­tions but also help with stress reduc­tion, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, rela­tion­ship build­ing and envi­ron­men­tal changes.

Behav­ioral & Men­tal Health insur­ance cov­er­age varies by provider.

Pri­or to sched­ul­ing with a Behav­ioral & Men­tal Health (IPD) provider, please con­firm with your insur­ance car­ri­er that this provider is con­sid­ered in-net­­work and cov­ered by your insur­ance plan.

Awards & Accolades
Delta Epsilon Honor Society, California College of Health Sciences 2000
Clinical Interests

My spe­cif­ic clin­i­cal inter­est is to work with patients who have a need to struc­ture their lives along with need­ing med­ica­tions. They need to for­mu­late goals for the day, have a rou­tine, get their per­son­al care com­plet­ed, obtain resources, find hob­bies, and build pos­i­tive relationship.

Personal Interests

I like to spend time with my fam­i­ly. I am mar­ried for 37 years to a won­der­ful man who is retired now but who also worked in the psychiatric/​addictions field. We have 2 grown chil­dren, a daugh­ter who lives 3 min­utes away and a son who is mar­ried and lives 7.5 min­utes away. We also have a grand­son who is 4 and the joy of our lives. I like to read, walk, and redecorate.

Valparaiso University Graduation Date: 1981 Degree: BSN
St. Xavier University Graduation Date: 1985 Degree: MSN
Nova Southeastern University Graduation Date: 2008 Degree: Doctor of Health Sciences


ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Affect. Disorder, Anxiety, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Medical Illnesses, Chronic Pain, Communication, Depression, Diabetes Management, Family Issues, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, High Blood Pressure, Life Transitions, Medical Phobias, Medication Management/Medical Adherence, Pain, Parenting, Pre-surgical evaluation (Transplant, bariatric surgery, LVAD or pain device implantation), Pulmonary/COPD, Schizophrenia, Smoking Cessation, Stress, Stress Management, Stroke, Weight Loss, Women's Health

Treatment Styles

Individual Therapy, Medication