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Cortisone Injection

 What is Cortisone?

Cortisone is the strongest anti-inflammatory agent available, it is used to decrease pain and reduce localized swelling. A cortisone injection is similar to taking an anti-inflammatory by mouth (Advil or aspirin) and injecting it locally through a needle directly into a joint.

What to Expect?
It may take up to one month for you to see a positive effect from cortisone.

If you experience any discomfort following the injections, apply ice to the area. Put the ice over the area where you are feeling discomfort for 10 minutes every hour as needed for pain. taking care to protect your skin from frezzing. You may continue to use ice for two-three days, if necessary.

Lidocaine or Marcaine are anesthetics or “numbing medications” (like Novacaine) which could be used in your injection.

One out of three people may experience an increase in pain after the numbness wears off, this is known as injection flare. Injection flare reactions should subside within 48 hours.

Some people may notice thinning of the skin and/or decrease in skin coloration at the site of the injection.

Patients who are diabetic should monitor their blood glucose as cortisone may increase blood glucose level. Check with the doctor who treats your diabetes if this occurs.

Relief from any injection may be temporary or permanent.

Tylenol or ibuprofen may be taken for pain relief of injection flare as directed by your doctor unless you are allergic to these over-the-counter medications.


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