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Whether your needs involve reducing noise exposure on the job or for recreation, decreasing water exposure or alleviating pressure in your ears, our Audiologists are able to make recommendations and help you understand what hearing accessories will be best for your individual situation.

Exposure to repetitive loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss as it can cause permanent damage to the cochlea, the sense organ of hearing. Fortunately, there are several options available to preserve your hearing sensitivity. Additionally, patients who travel and notice discomfort while flying may be able to improve their experience by working with an Audiologist to obtain Ear Planes.

Some devices are custom-made to fit your ear anatomy, others are available over-the-counter.

  • Swim Molds

    Patients who have frequent exposure to water or who have narrow ear canals may be more vulnerable to recurrent ear infections. Swim molds are worn to seal the ear canal from moisture to prevent bacterial infection of the ear (swimmers ear), a painful condition which often causes temporary hearing loss. Often patients of all ages utilize swim molds following ear tube surgery.

    Swim molds are manufactured from a custom impression of your ear to create a precise physical barrier to prevent water from entering into the ear canal. The mold is created using a floatable silicone material and can be customized to a child’s favorite swirl of colors or an adult’s preference for a skin tone.

    If interested in being evaluated for swim molds, schedule an appointment with one of the DMG Hearing & Audiology experts.

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  • Custom Hearing Protection and Musician Ear Molds

    Custom hearing protection, including filtered noise plugs are available as over-the-counter products and function by reducing volume while maintaining clarity. These may be used for attending concerts or working in loud environments.

    If music is an important part of your career, hearing protection is critical to preserve how you detect sound. Custom musician ear molds allow you to protect your ears from hearing loss without compromising sound quality or your ability to harmonize with other musicians.

    Musician ear molds are a custom product requiring an impression of your ear canal to ensure a tight but comfortable fit. Filters are available for these plugs in three different attenuation levels. Please contact the DMG Hearing and Audiology department to schedule an appointment to discuss the best product for your needs.

  • Ear Planes

    Ear Planes ease the transitions of pressure changes that cause ear pain during air travel. They function by slowly equalizing the air pressure changes with an internal filter, they do not change noise detection. Adults and children who have difficulty “popping” their ears can benefit from using Ear Planes. Please call the Audiology department to obtain.

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