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Second Opinions

Understand Your Disease, Get a Second Opinion

There are many different types of cancer as well as various types of treatment. If you were diagnosed outside of DuPage Medical Group – feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians for a second opinion before deciding when and where to seek your treatment. A second opinion can help to provide better understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options as well as a fresh look at your health from a physician that may choose a different course of treatment. In cancer care, it is very common for patients to get a second opinion, and most physicians are comfortable with the request.

Learn more about why you should get a second opinion.


In addition to the helpful information you can count on from DuPage Medical Group, the American Cancer Society also provides useful resources that you can refer to anytime or by calling (800) 227-2345. Some of the various resources available online include a guide for newly diagnosed patients to help you learn more about your diagnosis, provide ideas on how to share the news with your family as well as provide guidance on what to expect as you begin treatment. Many of the American Cancer Society printed educational materials are also available for free at the DuPage MedicalGroup Cancer Resource Center.