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Understand Your Disease, Get a Second Opinion

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and may lead to feelings of stress and uncertainty. It is important to feel confident in your choice of treatment plan and the oncology team providing your care. Seeking a second opinion is often a helpful way to learn more about the various treatment options that are available to you and to help you make the best decision.

There are many reasons why you may want to seek a second opinion before or during the course of your cancer care including:

  • To feel more secure about your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • To ensure you have considered all available options and have received multiple perspectives
  • Your confidence level in your current provider’s ability to treat your cancer
  • If you have a rare or unusual cancer type
  • Your cancer is not responding to current treatment

Getting a second opinion can shed new light on treatment options or give you the confidence to proceed with your care. Either way, receiving a second opinion is an important step in taking control of your health, and will help you select the treatment plan and care team that best fits your individual needs.

Why Seek a Second Opinion at DuPage Medical Group

Not all medical facilities are created equal. By seeking a second opinion, a different treatment method that is not available at one facility may be recommended elsewhere and be a better option for you.

In 2015, DuPage Medical Group’s Integrated Oncology Program was awarded a nationally- recognized accreditation based on our continued commitment to quality, access and exceptional patient outcomes. As of 2017, we are proud to maintain our title as the only accredited Freestanding Cancer Center in Illinois, a distinction received by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

The Integrated Oncology Program at DuPage Medical Group is comprised of a fully integrated team of medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, specialists, dedicated nurse navigators and a wide range of additional support services. Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive, innovative and personalized care through the use of leading-edge technology, the latest medical advancements and collaboration among our healthcare providers. DuPage Medical Group’s robust oncology team includes several fellowship trained doctors who are skilled in the latest procedures, including robot-assisted surgery, and are proud to bring university-level cancer care to the suburbs. This allows our patients to complete their treatments where they feel the safest and the most supported: close to home.

Our multi-disciplinary team of physicians utilizes weekly Cancer Conferences to discuss new or emerging treatments and protocols, to participate in comprehensive treatment planning and to promote seamless collaboration of care among physicians and medical staff.  In 2017, DMG specialists presented 22.5% of its cancer cases for multidisciplinary review, exceeding the national requirement of 15%.

 Cancer conferences provide patients with the opportunity to have their case undergo comprehensive review in order to ensure they are receiving a treatment plan best suited to meet their individual needs. If a patient’s case is included in a conference, they are informed when their case will be presented for multidisciplinary input. Following the conference, the managing physician communicates the recommended treatment plan with the patient.

Multi-Specialty Cancer Appointments

In an effort to provide more coordinated, patient-centered care, our medical oncology, radiation oncology and urology providers offer multi-specialty appointments for patients diagnosed with cancer, including those of the bladder, kidneys or prostate, who are candidates for radiation therapy and/or other medical or surgical treatments. During this appointment, you will meet with multiple members of our Integrated Oncology Program, which can include a medical or radiation oncologist, urologist and a nurse navigator, all within a single visit. 

This team-based approaxh allows provdiers from multiple specialties to collaborate with one another and review all available treatment options with you to develop a care plan tailored to your needs and specific cancer case. You will receive real-time input from multiple oncology experts and have all of your questions addressed so that you can feel as prepared and well-informed about your treatment plan as possible.

For those with prostate cancer who are considering radiation therpay, multi-specialty appointments are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays at our Lisle Medical Office Building located at 430 Warrenville Road. 

For individuals who have been diagnosed with an advanced genitourinary cancer, including those of the bladder or kidneys, who are considering chemotherapy or other medical oncology treatment options, multi-specialty appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at our Hinsdale and Lisle Medical Office buildings located at: 

Hinsdale     40 S. Clay Street, West Building, Suite 200

Lisle           430 Warrenville Road, Suite 300


To learn more about multi-specialty appointments, or to find out if you are a candidate for this service, please contact our Urology department at 630-790-1221.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.  By seeking a second opinion, you will locate additional support and will feel confident that you are making the best choice for your medical care.

If you received a cancer diagnosis outside of DuPage Medical Group, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians for a second opinion before deciding when and where to seek your treatment.

If you are in need of a second opinion, please contact the DMG Integrated Oncology Program at 630-364-7850.

Trusted Resources

In addition to the helpful information you can count on from DuPage Medical Group, the American Cancer Society provides useful resources that you can refer to anytime online or by calling (800) 227-2345. Some of the various resources available online include a guide for newly diagnosed patients to help learn more about your diagnosis, ideas on how to share the news with your family, and guidance on what to expect as you begin treatment. Many of the American Cancer Society printed educational materials are also available for free at the DuPage Medical Group Cancer Resource Center located in our Lisle Medical Office Building.

Learn more about why you should get a second opinion.

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