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Cardiac Electrophysiology

Though it’s often easy to take it for granted, the heart is the motor that drives you. DMG Cardiac Electrophysiology doctors specialize in studying the electrical conduction system of the heart, and are often referred to as EPs. DMG EPs spend additional years in training after cardiology fellowship, and focus on cardiac catheter ablation (manipulating cardiac electrical "short circuits") as well as installing and managing cardiac devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators. DMG EP physicians treat those aged 18 and older with electrical abnormalities which are either caused by random event – a fluke – or are as a result of environmental factors, both cardiac and non-cardiac. EP's often work in conjunction with a patients' cardiologist to treat these heart conditions. DMG EP's utilizes the latest technology and are some of the highest volume operators in the Chicagoland area for advanced ablations. 


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