Addiction Medicine

Addic­tion Med­i­cine at DuPage Med­ical Group address­es addic­tion like any oth­er dis­ease — a seri­ous chal­lenge, but one that can be man­aged with the prop­er care. DMG believes in a mul­ti-lev­eled approach to addic­tion through detox­i­fi­ca­tion, out­pa­tient treat­ment, phar­ma­co­log­i­cal treat­ment and patient edu­ca­tion. Your DMG physi­cian will man­age any long-term med­ica­tions and help you dis­con­tin­ue them when nec­es­sary. DMG spe­cial­ists also facil­i­tate behav­ioral inter­ven­tions, with an ear­ly recov­ery heal­ing process fol­lowed by a relapse pre­ven­tion sup­port plan. The long-term goal is to help you regain func­tion, inde­pen­dence and qual­i­ty of life with­out drugs or alcohol.

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