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Robotic Surgery Program

Robotic Surgery Program

Robotic surgery is the most progressive form of minimally invasive surgery available today. DuPage Medical Group (DMG) has one of the most advanced and comprehensive robotic programs in the region. DMG’s Robotic Surgery Program offers a wide-range of procedures performed by more than 25 robotically-skilled surgeons working across multiple specialties including general surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology (ENT) and urology. DMG surgeons have expertise in numerous robotic procedures, including several complex cancer-related surgeries. Using the da Vinci® Surgical System, surgeons accomplish delicate and complex operations through just a few tiny incisions with the help of increased vision, precision, dexterity and control.

Robotic-assisted procedures provide surgeons with a tool that uses the same small incisions as conventional laparoscopy. A key difference with the robotic system is that it provides your surgeon broader visualization of the operative field and more precise control of surgical instruments. With its stereoscopic, 3D imaging and precision-guided wrist movements, the robotic-assisted system allows surgeons to combine the best of laparoscopy and regular open surgery techniques.

DMG’s expertise in urologic and colorectal robotic procedures is unsurpassed and one of the few programs in the area offering robotic cystectomy. Robotic surgery is particularly effective over traditional surgery when performing more challenging procedures. 

For Patients
Gynecology: Hysterectomy (partial/full uterus removal)
Surgery: Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
Surgery: Colon Resection (removal of all or part of large bowel)
Surgery: Hernia Repair
Surgical Oncology: Distal Pancreatectomy w/wo Splenectomy
Surgical Oncology: Gastroesophagectomy
Surgical Oncology: Liver Resection
Surgical Oncology: Low Anterior Resection
Surgical Oncology: Partial and Total Gastrectomy
Surgical Oncology: Right and Left Hemicolectomy
Surgical Oncology: Sigmoid Colectomy
Urology: Cystectomy (partial/full bladder removal)
Urology: Nephrectomy (removal of one or both kidneys)
Urology: Pelvic Floor Reconstruction
Urology: Prostatectomy (partial/full prostate removal)
Urology: Pyeloplasty (surgical reconstruction of renal pelvis)
Urology: Ureteral Reconstruction
Robotic Surgery Program Team
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