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Vice President Dr. Brian O'Leary discusses the growth and vision of DuPage Medical Group with Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce's Chamber Connection

DuPage Medical Group (DMG) was formed in 1999 when three healthcare groups serving the western suburbs of Chicago since the 1960s joined together. Today, DMG has grown into the largest and most successful independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois.

This success is largely based on the informed direction it receives through a physician-governed board. DMG is led by experienced physicians who continually seek innovations through a model of QEA: Quality, Efficiency and Access.

Managing such a proactive model of medicine allows DMG to provide quality care, construct the most advanced facilities and implement the latest technology. Through secure access of an electronic health record and our patient portal, MyChart, our physicians and patients stay closely connected on the care that forms the bigger picture of each patient’s health. DMG promotes strong collaboration among its medical staff and solicits helpful feedback from patients. Strong administrative support creates stability for DMG physicians, empowering them to help drive the group forward.

The end result is a tight-knit physician group that sets the industry standard and keeps ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of healthcare.

Contact Information

DuPage Medical Group, Corporate Office
1100 West 31st Street
Suite 300
Downers Grove, IL 60515
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General Inquiries 630.469.9200
Customer Service 630.942.7998
Appointments 1.888.My.DMG.Dr (693-6437)

Mission & Vision


The mission of DuPage Medical Group is to enhance the physical well being of the patients we serve by continuing to provide the highest quality medical care available.


To accomplish this mission, DuPage Medical Group will always provide a comprehensive array of healthcare services for our patients, utilizing leading-edge technology and techniques. Our medical team and support staff will work together as a close-knit team. In turn, this collaborative culture will allow us to continually attract the highest quality physicians and staff members. And by preserving the physician’s leadership role in directing our progress, DMG will ensure the most efficient, progressive care possible.

The areas that we serve are also the places we call home. Our patients are our friends, family and neighbors. DuPage Medical Group will continue to work actively in support of these communities through volunteer service and charitable giving.


DuPage Medical Group’s approach to service excellence is based on the following C.A.R.E. values in our daily practice. These apply to interactions with everyone we view as our customers: patients, staff, physicians, vendors and the greater community.


Genuine healthcare addresses the needs of the patients and providers alike. The empathy that we show towards our customers begins with active listening. We then respond with action that we believe will provide the best solution. By demonstrating genuine interest in the customer and meeting their needs, we build the foundation for DuPage Medical Group as a whole. 


DuPage Medical Group promotes a culture of responsibility through responsiveness and follow-through. Our ability to provide the highest level of care affords us the confidence to stand by our service for each customer. Accuracy is of the utmost importance. The collaborative nature of our work helps us eliminate mistakes and make the most educated decisions possible. 


Sensitivity applies to much more than the physical symptoms of healthcare. We promote respect through consideration of each customer’s unique viewpoints and emotions. This culture allows us to foster a positive environment to address important healthcare needs. If our customers understand that they can trust us with their personal feelings as well as their health concerns, we will be able to build relationships that offer a lifetime of care.  


We are committed to going above and beyond expectations for all customers at DuPage Medical Group. Our goal is to create a positive experience that provides reassurance and results. We offer professional service and advanced technology, all within a compassionate setting. And by continuously taking the initiative to discover new innovations, we give our customers a sense of security in knowing that they are in the most capable hands.


The History of DuPage Medical Group – Superior Health Care and Innovation

DuPage Medical Group began 50 years ago as the brainchild of Dr. Robert McCray, a local surgeon and health care visionary. Dr. McCray’s advancements helped redefine the physician practice in DuPage County into the kind of personalized, leading-edge health care that until then was rarely available outside the university medical or research center settings.

The Formation

In the early 1960s, Dr. McCray was still new to medicine as a private-practice surgeon in Glen Ellyn, Ill., when he began re-imagining the physician practice as a way to give local patients access to advanced care specialists and related medical services all under one roof. A revolutionary idea at a time when only 11 physicians practiced in Glen Ellyn with few medical specialists, Dr. McCray anticipated many aspects of group practice now considered commonplace.

Dr. McCray visited 35 clinics across the country, including Minnesota’s prestigious Mayo Clinic, examining specific elements that made group practices successful. He teamed with several local physicians – fellow surgeon and partner Dr. Glen Asselmeier, internists Drs. Joe Crumrine, Fred Kuharich and James Erlenborn and pediatricians Drs. James Vercoe and William Kindrachuk. Dr. Gary Christensen joined the team a short time later after completing a residency in obstetrics and gynecology.

The group broke ground in August 1963 on a 12,000-square-foot building and agreed on calling itself the Glen Ellyn Clinic, partly in homage to the Mayo Clinic.

Built with Innovation

The Glen Ellyn Clinic opened its doors on September 1, 1964, with eight physicians, 15 nurses and a staff of lab technicians and administrative personnel. The clinic offered a host of innovations that were groundbreaking at the time – a laboratory, X-ray services and a pharmacy, all onsite. The clinic offered evening hours, around-the-clock pediatric care and an urgent care department. For the first time, DuPage County patients had access to a full range of specialty health care – surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and ancillary services – in one location. 

The clinic embraced administrative innovations as well. Physicians combined their nursing and office staffs, medical records and billing functions. Accounts receivable were pooled and a bonus structure implemented based on performance and clinic profitability. The founders also ensured partnerships would be available to younger physicians. 

After it’s first year of operation, the clinic was seeing 300 new patients a month. By 1970, the partnership had grown to 25 physicians, while office and lab space was added with a 24,000-square-foot clinic expansion.

Success and Growth

The clinic’s patient population and staff continued expanding in the early 1970s. Two new office buildings were built to accommodate the many new medical specialists who were joining. New physicians saw Glen Ellyn Clinic as an opportunity to practice in the company of established colleagues. Meanwhile, the clinic introduced a range of specialties to the Western Suburbs, including thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, gastroenterology, invasive cardiology and neonatology.

The clinic continued expanding in the 1980s, adding 38,000 square feet of office and lab space to accommodate physicians in 16 specialties and sub-specialties. Clinic offices were opened in Bloomingdale and Naperville with a full range of services. By the end of the decade, the Glen Ellyn Clinic was one of the city’s biggest employers – 80 physicians and a staff of 480 handling 300,000 annual patient visits. It also owned one of the largest clinic operated labs in Illinois, annually performing more than 100,000 tests onsite and 25,000 more offsite.

Change and Transition

The 1990s saw significant changes as several founding clinic partners began retiring. In addition, advances in medical and information technology required significant financial investment to keep pace with the industry. Beyond that, the emergence of managed care and the resulting changes in reimbursement methods called for new operational strategies. In the late 1990s, the clinic became part of the country’s largest physician management company in an effort to ensure the financial strength it needed to continue growing. 

The new arrangement didn’t mean an end to the challenges, however. As managed care gained ground in the 1990s, physician groups across the country experienced increasing pressures, including two others in DuPage County that would figure prominently in the Glen Ellyn Clinic’s future – Mid-America Health Partners and Wheaton Medical Clinic. 

Formed in 1964, Wheaton Medical Clinic included 25 physicians and had recently affiliated itself with a major health insurer. With 50 primary care physicians, Mid-America Health Partners had formed in 1995 as a physician-led independent practice group. After Wheaton Medical Clinic merged with the Glen Ellyn Clinic in 1997, Mid-America joined the following year. Shortly after, physicians from all three began efforts to return the combined clinic to the private physician group-practice model under local control. 

The result was DuPage Medical Group formed in 1999.

Present-Day Commitment

DuPage Medical Group is now the state’s leading multi-specialty group practice and still committed to superior care and innovation, with a leadership structure designed to maintain balance between primary and specialty care. With more than 700 primary care and specialty physicians in more than 100 locations, DuPage Medical Group handles upwards of 2 million patient visits annually, treating about a third of DuPage County’s population. 

Today, DuPage Medical Group is experiencing unprecedented growth and expansion into neighboring counties, as the organization continuously strives to meet the population growth and movement of patients into surrounding areas. Carrying on the legacy of Dr. McCray and his co-founders, DuPage Medical Group is focused on providing the Western Suburbs with access to the finest health care available and operating on the principal that physicians make the best decisions for patient care. 

The Road Ahead

With recently enacted changes in national health care policy, uncertainty in the industry is likely to linger for the next several years. DuPage Medical Group will stay prepared by continuing to attract the most talented physicians, nurses and administrative staff. Along the way, we’ll never forget our founders’ dedication to the patients and neighborhoods we serve.

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