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By DuPage Medical Group Dermatology
As you continue to wear a face mask in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, you may notice some side effects such as breakouts, dryness, redness or other forms of irritation. This is due to the mask creating friction against your skin and restricting your airflow, which causes a build-up of humidity, sweat and bacteria. Our Dermatologists provide some tips on how to avoid irritation from masking.
Topics and Subtopics: Skin Health
By Kevin M. Madsen, MD
Even in the best of times, preparing for labor and delivery can bring additional worry and stress. For those giving birth during a global pandemic, your feelings may be amplified. Maternal Fetal Medicine Obstetrician Gynecologist, Kevin Madsen, MD, offers insights on what you may expect and tips to help reduce your stress.
Topics and Subtopics: Pregnancy & Women's Health
By Kellen Patten, DO
Whether you’re a first-time mom-to-be or a seasoned pro, being pregnant during the summer months can be very uncomfortable. Obstetrician Gynecologist, Kellen Patton, DO, shares tips on keeping cool, soothing aches and pains and taking care of yourself through the hot summer months.
Topics and Subtopics: Pregnancy & Women's Health
By Dr. Shantan Reddy
As you age, it is common to experience changes with your eyes and vision. In fact, between the ages of 45 and 80, most adults will find it increasingly difficult to see things up close, a condition called presbyopia. You may also begin to notice mild visual disruptions such as flashes and floaters. In some cases, they are caused by normal, age-related changes within your eyes. Other times, they may be a symptom of a more serious medical condition, requiring immediate attention. Ophthalmologist and retina specialist, Shantan Reddy, MD, shares symptoms to watch for and when to seek medical care.
Topics and Subtopics: Eye Care
By Amee Majmundar, MD
Essential oils have become a popular way to relax and support your emotional well-being. While many are drawn to essential oils because they’re considered to be natural products, they’re not always risk-free. Incorrect or over-use of essential oils can cause an allergic reaction, especially if you have asthma or are prone to environmental allergies. They can also pose health risks for pregnant women, children and pets. Allergist, Amee Majmundar, MD, shares tips on how to enjoy essential oils safely.
Topics and Subtopics: Allergies & General Health
By Mathew S. Philip, MD
Day by day, we’re learning more about the COVID-19 virus and how to fight it. Antibody testing is proving to be a powerful tool for the medical community in this fight, though there continues to be confusion and misunderstanding about its purpose and meaning. The following information outlines what you should know about COVID-19 antibody testing and how to get one for yourself.
Topics and Subtopics: General Health & Infectious Disease
To effectively eliminate as many germs as possible and reduce the spread of diseases like COVID-19, it’s important to clean all commonly used surfaces throughout your home, car and handbag, including your electronic devices. Here are six tips to disinfect your electronic devices.
Topics and Subtopics: General Health
By Vishal Desai, MD
Did you know that nearly 70 percent of your immune system is housed in your gut? While frequent hand washing and social distancing are crucial in preventing the spread of illnesses, being mindful of the food and beverages you consume can also help support your immune system and keep you well.
Topics and Subtopics: General Health
By Alison Escalante, MD
The COVID-19 outbreak is scary, and it’s not going away quickly. So how can we take the pressure off of parents so they can get back to parenting well?
Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Mental Health
By Alison Escalante, MD
Parents have a way of giving speeches when they are worried. But in a scary situation, kids do better if we don’t over-explain things to them. They don’t need to know everything we’ve seen on the news and every story we’ve heard. Instead, it helps to focus on meeting them where they are. Here’s how to get started talking with your child about coronavirus (COVID-19).
Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Infectious Disease
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