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Foot & Ankle Problems

Our feet and ankles take us where we need to go on a daily basis, so it is important to take good care of them. Over 75% of all Americans will experience foot problems at one point or another in their lifetime. Some of these include bunions, sprains, arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

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By Diana Tabor, DPM, AACFAS
Feet are our foundation – they provide us with balance, distribute weight and assist with ambulation of our bodies forward, backward and laterally. With so much resting on our feet – literally – it’s crucial to take good care of them for whole body health. This is especially important when we engage in athletic activities when we put more stress and strain on our bodies for longer periods of time.

By Christina Brown, DPM, FACFAS
Are you suffering from pain on the bottom of your heel or in the arch of your foot? Does the pain hurt the most when transitioning from sitting to standing (especially at the beginning of the day), after a workout or when you stand for prolonged periods of time? This common injury is called plantar fasciitis and is easily treated under the care of a board-certified podiatrist. Mild cases of plantar fasciitis may even be corrected with home remedies.

By DMG Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Have you ever wondered if your footwear choices can have lasting effects? Read on to learn recommendations for warm weather footwear from our board- certified podiatrists.

By Dr. Bryan Lapinski, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Whether you are out for a stroll or a full-on weekend warrior, a sprained ankle is one of the most common and painful injuries you may encounter.

By Dr. John Lombardi & Dr. Julio Gonzalez
The 5K season is here, are you thinking of participating in a local race? Whether it’s your first or 50th time, be sure to check out the DMG Sports Medicine training and race day guide for beginner and experienced runners alike.

By DuPage Medical Group Podiatry
Take a look at DMG’s Heels or Flats infographic to learn some surprising facts about getting to the bottom of your foot pain.
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By DMG Physical & Occupational Therapy
DMG has several therapists who subspecialize in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions. The team has in-depth experience in the treatment of multiple diagnoses including, but not limited to, achilles tendonitis, hammer toes, chronic pain, and post surgical therapy

By DMG Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Today’s podiatrists are specialists, medically and surgically trained to treat the foot and ankle. From sports injuries and diabetes complications to pediatric deformities and heel pain, podiatrists are able to tackle all of your foot care needs. Licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, there are approximately 15,000 podiatrists practicing in the United States. Here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about today’s podiatrists.
Topics and Subtopics: Foot & Ankle Problems

By DMG Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Diabetes is a serious disease that can develop from lack of insulin production in the body or due to the inability of the body's insulin to perform its normal everyday functions. Of the sixteen million americans with diabetes, 25% will develop foot problems related to the disease.
Topics and Subtopics: Diabetes Care & Foot & Ankle Problems

By DMG Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Take a step in the right direction with a visit to Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery of DuPage Medical Group. Our experienced medical professionals offer complete care and cutting-edge techniques to treat foot and ankle diseases, injuries and other disorders that may be slowing you down. Let our team of highly trained podiatrists help you get back on pace.
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