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Breastfeeding: What Every Mother (and Partner) Should Know

By Carol Chamblin, DNP, APN, RN, IBCLC, Karen Manning, APN, IBCLC

However you choose to feed your baby, making sure your little one is receiving the proper nutrition can be a hard, challenging, yet rewarding journey. The number one thing new moms need when they choose to breastfeed is support - from their partner, family, friends and experts like their pediatrician and lactation consultants. Across 108 countries there are approximately 30,000 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants available to mothers, providing high quality lactation and breastfeeding care. At DuPage Medical Group, we are lucky to have two expert lactation consultants’ on-staff, providing compassionate and comprehensive support to mothers and their babies. 

Together, Carol Chamblin, DNP, APN, RN, IBCLC and Karen Manning, APN, IBCLC bring the highest level of lactation and nursing certifications, education and life experience to supporting women and babies in their breastfeeding journeys. There are several things women (and their support system) should know about breastfeeding. Carol and Karen have compiled details on the most common questions and most important things a soon-to-be or new mom should know in this all-encompassing infographic. 

If you or a partner are looking for support or are preparing to breastfeed, you can learn more and reach out to Carol and Karen here: https://www.dupagemedicalgroup.com/lactation-consultants/ 

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