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DuPage Medical Group Physician Provides Transoral Robotic Surgery Treatment

June 26, 2017

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.—As part of DuPage Medical Group’s (DMG) growing robotic surgery program, otolaryngologist Dr. David Wolraich is skilled in performing minimally invasive transoral robotic surgery (TORS) as a treatment option for oropharyngeal cancer. In recent years, research studies have shown a rise in cases of oropharyngeal cancer linked to infection with human papilloma virus (HPV).

The minimally invasive TORS procedure involves removing tumors located in the throat, the base of the tongue or the tonsils, but with the benefits of quicker recovery time, no visible scarring or incisions and limited blood loss during surgery. Dr. Wolraich is one of the only surgeons providing the TORS treatment technique in the Chicagoland area.

Through the use of da Vinci® Surgical System instrumentation, surgeons like Dr. Wolraich are able to more easily reach head and neck tumors through the mouth while performing TORS. This surgical approach allows for a guided camera, or endoscope, to provide a high-resolution, 3D image of the back of the mouth and throat. The surgeon then guides two robotic arms to oral tumors and safely dissects from surrounding tissue through internal incisions.

“TORS is an advanced method to treat patients with oropharyngeal and oral cavity cancers,” says Dr. Wolraich. “While treating these conditions in the past required large external incisions from lip to throat, the TORS technique allows patients a range of increased benefits for comfort and recovery, and provides me enhanced vision, precision and control during the entire procedure.”

Added benefits of undergoing the TORS procedure, versus traditional openly invasive surgery, include accelerated recovery time. Patients usually leave the hospital in two to four days compared to seven days with an open procedure. Also, patients typically maintain swallowing and speech functions, as well as highly minimized risks of infection or other complications. With TORS, there is a high probability that no additional treatments will be required. This decreases the risk of injuring muscles used to swallow and other nerves of the throat, minimizing the impact on patients’ quality of life post-surgery.

Dr. Wolraich sees patients at DMG’s locations in Hinsdale and Lombard. To make an appointment, or to get a better understanding of oral cancer treatment options, patients can schedule online or call 630-545-7576. To learn more about the future of faster recovery and some of the most progressive forms of minimally invasive surgeries available today, visit DMG’s Robotic Surgery Program webpage. 

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